Disaster Information

Currently, there is no information about the disaster. 

Disaster Warning Level

As a result of a revision of the Evacuation Information Guidelines on the 5th of May 2021, evacuation levels and evacuation information have also been updated.  
Be sure to evacuate when an “Evacuation Order” is issued. The previously used “Evacuation Advisory” declaration is no longer applicable.

※出典:内閣府ホームページ  https://www.bousai.go.jp/oukyu/hinanjouhou/r3_hinanjouhou_guideline/

What You Should Know about Disaster Preparedness

A video with simple Japanese audio and subtitles in multiple languages (English/Chinese/Korean/Vietnamese) has been made, to let you know on what needs to be done to protect yourself and your family when a natural disaster (typhoon/heavy rain/earthquake etc.) occurs. Do watch when possible. 

[Multilingual Video on Day-to-day Life]“What You Should Know about Disaster Preparedness” 

<List of Evacuation Sites> (Updated April 2022)   

Here is a list of evacuation sites in each ward of Kitakyushu City.
Be familiar with the appropriate evacuation site closest to your residence relative to the type of disaster. 
Supported languages: English Chinese Korean
Moji-ku(PDF) ・Kokurakita-ku(PDF) ・Kokuraminami-ku(PDF) ・Wakamatsu-ku(PDF)
Tobata-ku (PDF) ・Yahatahigashi-ku (PDF) ・Yahatanishi-ku(PDF)  

Multilingual Tools – Disaster Prevention and Countermeasures

City of Kitakyushu Disaster Shelter Point-and-Speak Phrasebook (Published October 2018) 

An easy-to-use “point and communicate” handbook to help evacuees that do not understand Japanese to communicate with staff and other officials at disaster shelters when taking refuge during or after a large-scale disaster. 

*In cooperation with the Suzuka International Friendship Association 

◆You can get a copy of the Disaster Shelter Point-and-Speak Phrasebook at the Kitakyushu International Association. 

Kitakyushu City Disaster Prevention Handbook for Foreigners

Earthquakes, typhoons, heavy rains and other natural disasters are a frequent occurrence in Japan. Do read this handbook and be familiar with what you need to do to prepare for disasters so as to be able to protect your life and the lives of those around you. Available in Simple Japanese, English, Chinese and Korean. 

◆You can get a copy at the following locations. 
・International Policy Division, Planning and Coordination Bureau, Kitakyushu City Hall 
・Kitakyushu International Association 
・All ward offices in the city

Multilingual Disaster Support Center

Through the collaboration agreement of 20 June 2018 between Kitakyushu City and the Kitakyushu International Association, the Kitakyushu Multilingual Disaster Support Center will be established to assist foreign residents in times of large-scale disasters and calamities (earthquake, typhoon, flood etc.). 

Role of the Multilingual Disaster Support Center 

  • Translating and disseminating important information in the event of a natural disaster 
  • Responding to enquires from foreigners and providing consultation (disaster related) 
  • Dispatching interpreters to evacuation sites/shelters etc. 

Management and Operation

Management and Operation: Kitakyushu City, Kitakyushu International Association 

Location: Kitakyushu International Association – COM CITY 3F, 3-15-3 Kurosaki, Yahatanishi-ku, Kitakyushu City