Lifestyle Information

We disseminate important information in multiple languages from the various government and public entities that include, but not limited to information that is closely related to daily life, and notifications regarding disasters etc.  

Information regarding life in Kitakyushu

Life in Kitakyushu 

An information booklet published by Kitakyushu City to help foreign residents settle into the city. 
This booklet contains important information regarding ‘administrative procedures’, ‘rubbish disposal’, ‘medical insurance’, and much more. 

Childcare Support Handbook – Pregnancy, Childbirth, Childcare and more! For international parents in Japan and those supporting them 

Flow chart for pregnancy to childbirth, administrative procedures after childbirth, registration for childcare facilities up to entry to elementary school, and other important information that have been introduced in easy-to-understand illustrations. 
Actual episodes of moms and dads with international backgrounds that have faced problems raising children in Japan, as well as frequently asked questions and their respective answers included for easy reference. 

【Published languages】Japanese, English, Chinese, Vietnamese (only one portion of handbook), Thai (only one portion of handbook) 


~ Separating rubbish/Rubbish disposal ~ 

~ Riding bicycles/Rules ~ 

Daily Life Support Portal for Foreign Nationals

The Immigration Services Agency of Japan has uploaded important information regarding ‘immigration/residency procedures’, ‘labor/employment’, ‘education’ and so on, in multiple languages for foreigners to get accustomed to life in Japan. 

Daily Life Support Portal for Foreign Nationals