Free distribution of COVID-19 test kits

Free COVID-19 test kits are distributed (from 8th of August) in Fukuoka Prefecture to symptomatic individuals with a low risk of becoming seriously ill.

Kits will also be distributed (from the 22nd of August) to close contacts that start to show symptoms so that they can be tested as soon as possible. In addition, Fukuoka Prefecture has set up the “Center for Test Kit Distribution & Registration for Individuals that Test Positive” to act as a contact point for those that are confirmed to positive as a result of the self-testing, and those individuals will also be able to receive health observation without having to visit a medical institution.

Free distribution of test kits

Eligible individuals:

  • Residents of Fukuoka Prefecture
  • Those with flu like symptoms such as fever, cough etc.
  • Individuals 65 years old or younger (excluding children that are in the third grade of elementary school or younger)
    *previously listed as below 40, but changed from the 17th of August.
  • No underlying condition or disease
  • Received at least 2 vaccine dosses
  • Close contact individuals
    *added to eligibility list from the 22nd of August.

Flow of testing procedure:

  1. Register online
  2. A test kit will be delivered to the individual’s home in about two days from the time an application was submitted.
  3. The individual that receives the kit shall collect and test the specimen on their own.
  4. Should the test show the individual is positive for COVID-19, the individual should follow the instructions on the leaflet enclosed in the kit and register with the center online.
  5. Doctors are stationed at the center and will confirm the symptoms, mainly via an online medical consultation.
  6. Recuperate at home in following the directions of by the public health center.

Registration period: 8th August onwards ~ (end date to be confirmed)

 Registration site:

 For more details

Kitakyushu City COVID-19 Related Telephone Consultation Hotline

Kitakyushu City COVID-19 Consultation Hotline

COVID-19 related enquiries and consultation 
Kitakyushu City has started a dedicated hotline for consultation related to COVID-19. Those making enquiries will be guided to the most relevant department etc.  
Please listen to the automated guidance and select the most appropriate option. 

TEL:0570-093-567 (24 Hours) 

For those with hearing impairment, FAX: 093-522-8775 

COVID-19 Consultation and Medical Examination Center (Center for those returning to Japan and those had been in close contact with an infected person)

Consultation for those feeling unwell and/or those that suspect that they may have COVID-19 

TEL:093-522-8745 (24 Hours) 

Kitakyushu City COVID-19 Vaccine Call Center

Consultation and appointment reservation for COVID-19 vaccination 

TEL:0120-489-199 (9am – 5pm) 
Supported Languages: Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean 

*Contact the Kitakyushu International Association if you face difficulties enquiring with consultation hotlines listed above.