Supporting Members

The Kitakyushu International Association is seeking Supporting Members. Applying to be a Supporting Member will go a long way to aid our activities that may help create a multicultural society.

Membership eligibility

Application is open to all that support our activities.

Membership fee

a. Individual member: ¥2000 annually per member (¥1000 for those below 23 years old)

  • Discounts for travel plans etc. (limited to products designated by the respective travel agencies)
  • Borrowing books from the Kitakyushu International Association’s resource corner
    Each membership card holder can borrow up to 3 books for a period of 2 weeks
  • Discounts for participating in events, seminars, exchanges etc. organized by the Kitakyushu International Association
  • Course fee discount for the upper intermediate Japanese class

b. Group member: ¥20,000 annually per group/organization/corporation etc.

  • Group member’s website link posted on our homepage
  • Japanese language study support program discount

*Group member medical facilities can request for our medical interpretation service at no charge.

Tax Incentives

Our Association is a public interest incorporated foundation authorized by the Governor of Fukuoka Prefecture and “special public-interest promotion corporation” under the Income Tax Law and the Corporation Tax Law. For Individuals and groups respectively, tax incentives applicable to donations to our association. Please refer to the National Tax Agency’s website for more information.

Current Membership Overview

Individual members : 62
Group members : 23 *Figures shown are accurate as of 30th of June 2023

医療法人 五秀会 末永産婦人科・麻酔科医院
医療法人翠光会 ますち内科クリニック
株式会社西日本シティ銀行 北九州総本部
株式会社 萬歳自動車工場
株式会社 福岡銀行 北九州本部
株式会社 ワークス
学校法人国際学園 九州医療スポーツ専門学校
学校法人 福原学園
公益財団法人 芳賀文化財団
公立大学法人 北九州市立大学
社会福祉法人 恩賜財団 済生会支部 福岡県済生会八幡総合病院
西部ガス株式会社  北九州総務部
日本製鉄株式会社 九州製鉄所


Application details are listed below.

(We will send you the bank transfer form by post if required.)

    Membership category

    Application type

    Payment method
    (We will send you the bank transfer form by post if required.)