List of Past Activities

Nepal & Vietnam Cultural Courses

Date & Time18 November 2023 (Sat) 14:00~16:00
VenueNo.3 Meeting Room, Kokura Chuo Community Center
ContentsWe invited foreign citizens of a Nepalese and a Vietnamese living in Kitakyushu City
to hold cultural lectures.
The lecturer from Nepal talked about the unique diversity of this multi-ethnic country
and its colorful and vivid culture. And the Vietnamese lecturer talked about the daily life
that we could not find in the guidebooks, such as Vietnamese quizzes and hand games in Vietnamese.

“Easy Japanese” and Workshop

Date & Time11 November 2023 (Sat) 14:00~16:00
VenueNo.3 Meeting Room, Kokura Chuo Community Center
ContentsA “Easy Japanese” lecture and a workshop with foreign citizens have been held.
Japanese citizens learned many perspectives. For examples,
“I feel that the Japanese I use everyday is difficult for foreigners”,
“How can I convey important information?”,
“How to be kind when communicating with foreigners?”.
Afterwards, they practiced what they learned with foreign citizens
studying Japanese at the YMCA!
It was an enjoyable exchange gathering with lots of laughter and cheers.

2023 KIA International Friendship Festival

Date & Time14 – 15 October 2023 (Sat – Sun) 11:00~15:00
※”World picture books & Cultural experiences” :October 15(Sun)14:00~16:00
LocationKitakyushu International Association
Number of Participants350
Event ContentWorld Bazaar – Foreign residents sold goods and sweets from their home countries.
World Folk Costumes & Photo Zone – From children to adults, all enjoyed fork costumes and photo shooting. All had fun!
Bazaar of Books Corner – Visitors found some books they like and happily take them home.
World picture books & Cultural experiences – For all the visitors, it was a fun and enjoyable cross-cultural experience.

18 February (Sat) Online Japanese Chat Session <<Registrations Open>>

Inviting Japanese and foreign residents to join us for a casual dialogue session.

Online Japanese Chat Session

Japanese residents that want to make conversation with foreigners but feel discouraged due to not being able to speak a foreign language, this is the platform for you!

Foreign residents that want to speak about various topics outside of their work and social circles, do join us and enjoy a session interacting with various people in Japanese.

Date & Time18 February 2023 (Sat), 2pm – 3.30pm
LocationOnline (ZOOM)
*ZOOM details to be sent on 16 February (Thu).
Participation FeeFREE
Registrations Open to・10 Foreign Residents of Kitakyushu City that want to speak with Japanese residents in Japanese
・10 Japanese Residents of Kitakyushu City that want to speak with foreign residents in Japanese
*Registrations will be accepted on a first-come basis.

Register here↓

Kitakyushu International Association (Staff in charge: Ms. Ishii)

List of Past Activities (FY 2022)

Exchange Session for Japanese and Foreign Residents (November)

Date & Time26 November 2022 (Sat), 2pm – 3.30pm
LocationKitakyushu International Association
Number of Participants23
Event ContentGroup games and exchanges conducted in Japanese, with a focus on foreign laborers that have limited opportunities to converse with locals. Participants were able to identify common topics to talk about during the games, and displayed great team work.

International Exchange Festival

Date & Time15 – 16 October 2022 (Sat – Sun)
World Bazaar – 15 October 11am-2pm
Mini Concert & Talk – 16 October 11am – 1pm
Photo Contest (Held for the duration of the International Exchange Festival)
LocationKitakyushu International Association
Number of Participants369
Event ContentWorld Bazaar – Foreign residents sold food and small items from their home countries.
Mini Concert & Talk – Performances using traditional instruments, dances, and songs by foreign residents.
Photo Contest – 2-day exhibition of photos taken by foreign residents.
Visitors, vendors, and performers had lively interactions. Some visitors even started dancing during the Mini Concert, creating a truly lively atmosphere.

Recipes from Around the World – Vietnam Edition

Date & Time3 September 2022 (Sat)
LocationOnline (ZOOM)
Number of Participants15
Event ContentOnline cooking class conducted by a Vietnamese resident of Kitakyushu City on making chicken pho and Vietnamese spring rolls, with a quiz on places in Vietnam and ingredients used for Vietnamese food.
As the ingredients used and preparations methods for Vietnamese food are different from Japanese food, some participants followed the instructions to detail and prepared the dishes in their own kitchens while participating online.

Let us tell you about our countries…

Date & Time20 August 2022 (Sat)
LocationKodomo no Yakata (Kodomo Hall)
Number of Participants40
Event ContentMoroccan and Thai residents of Kitakyushu City took us on a virtual trip to their respective countries through their presentations. Participants had a look at famous tourist spots in the featured countries, and also learned about their unique cultures and traditions.
Our presenters even invited their friends from their respective countries to help demonstrate real world conversations and also to help the presenters conduct realistic dialogue lessons with the participants in their native languages.

Exchange Session for Japanese and Foreign Residents (July)

Date & Time2 July 2022 (Sat), 2pm – 3.30pm
LocationKitakyushu International Association
Number of Participants28
Event ContentForeign residents and Japanese residents devised various communication strategies during the various games, and enjoyed creating and putting up Tanabata decorations.
Our participants also had a great time during the “Picture Relay Telephone Game” where instead of passing a message through their group, they had to draw a picture to relay the message to the next person.