Plan for the Support of Companies and Foreign Workers

This plan has been put in place so as to respond to inquiries from companies that employ foreign workers. 
Please feel free to contact us. 

Supporting Members Course Main Target 
FREE① Using Yasashii Nihongo (Easy Japanese) 
(*Estimate: Basics 2 hours, Practice 2 hours)  
Those involved in training Technical Interns, managers of Technical Interns, those assisting Technical Interns to get accustomed to life in Japan, persons in charge that work directly with foreign workers.
FREE ② Cross-cultural understanding 
(*Estimate: 2 hours) 
1/2 Price③ Support course for those hiring foreign workers
(*Estimate: 2 hours) 
Persons in charge of Japanese language education for foreign workers, and/or those supporting foreign workers with their day-to-day life in Japan
1/2 Price④ Frequently used Japanese at the workplace
(*Estimate: 90min × 10 sessions) 
Technical Interns, foreign workers 
(This course is customized and focuses on the frequently used Japanese at each respective workplace.)

*The table above is meant to serve as a guide, and the actual duration/sessions required for courses will differ based on the needs of the respective companies.



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Coordinating staff: Ms. Ishii 
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