Volunteering at the K.I.A

At the Kitakyushu International Association we gain the cooperation of local citizens who are interested in becoming involved in various international exchage activities. To promote mutual understanding among people from different cultural backgrounds we have established the International Exchange Volunteer system.

[Volunteer Opportunities]
1  The following volunteer opportunities are available. Please have a look at the Explanations for International Exchange Volunteers for details (in Japanese) 

  (1) Supporter of Interacvtive International Understanding (a joint program with the Fukuoka International Exchange Foundation)

  (2) Administrative Interpreter (The application times will be announced. For the fiscal year 2011 it will be May)

  (3) Specialist Consultation Interpreter

  Concerning (1) ~ (3)
  Some volunteer positions are limited. Please contact the KIA for further information about the application method and what positions are available. 

 (1) Supporter of Interactive International Understanding (a joint program with the Fukuoka International Exchage Foundation)

Instructors who can contribute to the promotion of international understanding by introducing foreign countries and cultures to elementary schools, junior high schools and citizen centers.
Foreign residents who are willing to introduce different aspects of their culture like cuisine, music, dance and so on can be registered as instructors.
[Registration Requirements]
- Able to speak sufficient Japanese to introduce their culture and interact with students.
- Able to take part in the registration session at the FIEF or the KIA. We will decide about your registration after a trial class.
*Please notice that it may take some time until registration is completed.

 (2) Administrative Interpreter

I have to go to the ward office, but they don't understand me..." If the communication in Japanese is difficult at ward offices, schools and so on, Administrative Interpreters offer their support to foreign residents.

++Places to which interpreters can be dispatched++
Kitakyushu City Elementary and Junior High Schools, the City Hall, Ward Offices, Health and Welfare centers, Kitakyushu City Welfare Institutions, Child Constitution Offices and so on.

++Content of interpretation++
Offering help with administrative procedures, individual school interviews, school home visits, procedures for admission into welfare facilities and so on.

[Registration Requirements]
- Foreign language skills above average(for example level 1 of the English Language Proficiency Test).
- Ability to take part in training courses throughout the year (around 5 times).

  (3) Specialist Consultation Interpreter

Helps at our free monthly consultation meetings, where foreign people can consult with a lawyer, clinical psychologist or administrative specialist.
[Registration Requirements]
- Experience and expertise in administrative interpreting.

2 Volunteers receive no remuneration.

3 Requirements for volunteering
  (1) Living in or commuting to the Kitakyushu area
  (2) Great interest in international exchange and motivation for volunteer work
  (3) Ability to take part in training workshops carried out by the KIA

4 Inquiries & Application

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  TEL: 093-643-5931    FAX: 093-643-6466
  E-mail: kia@kitaq-koryu.jp
  *Opening hours: 9:00-17:30  (Closed on Sunday,public holidays, New Year holidays 12/29-1/3

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