Notice to all prefectural residents and businesses in regards to the continuation of the Prefectural Government's request

March 11, 2021 Posted in New

The Prefectural Government has come to the decision to extend our request to prefectural residents and businesses to refrain from unnecessary outings and to shorten business hours of restaurants and bars for two weeks from Sunday, March 7 to Sunday, March 21 throughout the prefecture. This is due to the need to be cautious against a rebound in the current infection situation.

We apologize for any inconvenience and hardship this may cause to the prefectural residents and businesses, but we ask for your continued cooperation.

Restaurants and bars are requested to keep their business hours from 5:00 to 21:00 until March 21, and to serve alcoholic beverages from 11:00, stop serving alcoholic beverages at 20:30. Please ensure that infection prevention practices are taken in accordance with the guidelines for each industry and display the "Infection Prevention Sticker" to clearly indicate that the measures are being taken.

 In addition, we will continue to pay 40,000 yen per day to cooperating businesses. To make the application process easier for businesses, it is possible to apply for "Phase 4" from March 8 to 21 by combining the "Phase 2" (February 8 to 28) and the "Phase 3" (March 1 to 7) all together.

To reduce person-to-person contact opportunities, we ask that all prefectural residents to refrain from unnecessary outings, even during the daytime, avoid the three Cs, maintain a safe physical distance, and perform basic infection prevention practices such as masks and hand washing.

 We also ask that businesses continue to encourage work from home (telecommuting) and rotating work schedules.

Preventing a rebounding

As we mentioned before, it is especially important to prevent a rebound of infections .

For this reason, we would like to ask all prefectural residents to do the following.

 The prefectural government has canceled cherry blossom festivals in prefectural parks and refrain from cherry blossom viewing parties. Municipalities are also asked to take the same measures.

In closing

The Prefectural Government will continue to strengthen its medical institutions, including the securing of additional hospital beds, and take thorough measures to prevent infections in elderly facilities, etc., while keeping an eye out for outbreaks of new positive cases, trends of mutated strains, and changes in the human movement. Regarding to the vaccines, priority vaccination of healthcare workers will also begin Friday, March 5. We will continue to provide support to municipalities to ensure smooth vaccination.

 We will continue to work together with the prefectural residents and businesses to help society overcome the battle against COVID-19. We would like to ask for your understanding and cooperation.

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