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October 26, 2018 Posted in Information
KIA News
Important Notice
We will cease the mailing of the TanoshiMail magazine from April 2019.
The March 2019 edition will be the last TanoshiMail magazine to be mailed directly to subscribers. Please view subsequent editions directly on our website.
1. Consultation Services for Foreign Residents
1) Free consultation with a public notary on immigration / nationality / visa
       November 18th (Sun) 13:00 ~ 16:00
       *Reservation required by November 13th (Tues) for those requiring interpretation.
2) Free psychological counselling with a clinical psychologist
     Contact us for available dates.
3) Free legal consultation with a lawyer (Reservation required)
     November 24th (Sat) 13:30 ~ 16:30
     *Reservation deadline: November 20th (Tues)
■Location: Com City 3F
■Applications/Enquiries: Kitakyushu International Association
                                       TEL 093-643-5931 (Japanese)/093-643-6060 (English, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese)
2. My Country in English (USA)
★Special Program★
Mr. Spellman, Kitakyushu city’s CIR (Coordinator for International Relations) from the US will speak on how the US has changed since the Trump presidency started and the current situation in the USA. There will also be a Q&A session.
■Date/Time: November 10th (Sat) 11:00 ~ 12:30
■Place: Kitakyushu International Association, Koryu Space (COM CITY 3F, Kurosaki 3-15-3, Yahatanishi-ku)
■Lecturer: Patrick Spellman
■This program is intended for those interested in foreign cultures.
■Fee: ¥500 (¥300 for KIA Supporters Club members)
■Capacity: 60 people  *Application will close once all the places are filled.
■Applications/Enquiries: Contact us by phone, email or over the counter at the Kitakyushu International Association. (Staff in charge: Sri Ram/Hiraki)
TEL: 093-643-6464  E-mail: cir@kitaq-koryu.jp
When applying please give us the following information:
(1) Name of event  *Write the event name in the subject line if application is made by email.
    (2) Your name
    (3) The ward you live
    (4) Your phone number
    (5) How you came to know about the event
3. Let’s Talk!
Whether you are new to Japan, want to improve your Japanese speaking skills, or just make new friends, our very first「Let’s Talk!」session is a session where Foreigners and Japanese can have a simple fun exchange with each other. Share about what you know and learn things that you have never known before. You can use either Japanese or English. (warm up games and themed discussions)
■Date/Time: November 17th (Sat) 17:00 ~ 18:30
■Place: Kitakyushu International Association, Koryu Space (COM CITY 3F, Kurosaki 3-15-3, Yahatanishi-ku)
■Fee: ¥500 (Members ¥300)  (ONLY THIS TIME! Free for foreigners.)
■Capacity: 35 people  *Application will close once all the places are filled.
■Applications: Register via Facebook or email. (Staff in charge: Sri Ram)
Facebook Event Page: https://www.facebook.com/events/2118110881772014/
E-mail: cir@kitaq-koryu.jp
When applying by email please give us the following information:
(1) Name of event
    (2) Your name
    (3) The ward you live in
    (4) Your phone number
    (5) How you came to know about the event
4. Donation box set at KIA for helping 2018 Sulawesi Earthquake Victims in Indonesia
The Kitakyushu International Association and the Kitakyushu International Information Network (KIINET) are now calling for contributions to victims of the earthquake that hit Sulawesi, Indonesia in September.
Your generous support is greatly appreciated.
■Period: October 16th (Tues) ~ November 29th (Thur)
■Place: Kitakyushu International Association (COM CITY 3F, Kurosaki 3-15-3, Yahatanishi-ku)
■All funds raised will be donated to the Japan Red Cross.
■Enquiries: Kitakyushu International Association  TEL 093-643-5931
5. Kitakyushu Intercultural Wai Wai Festival  ~ Discover Asia in Our Hometown ~
Kitakyushu YMCA will open its doors to the public for events that everyone from adults to children can enjoy.  Do come along and enjoy live music and food from Asian countries, calligraphy, origami (paper folding), trying on various national costumes and other activities!
■Date/Time: November 3rd Saturday (Public Holiday) 10:30 ~ 15:00
■Place: Kitakyushu YMCA (Kajimachi 2-3-9, Kokurakita-ku)
■Admission Free  *Fees required for food and goods sold in the venue.
■Enquiries: Kitakyushu YMCA  TEL:093-531-1587  Email: kitakyusyu@k-ymca.or.jp
Life Info
1. Medical Check-up for Children Entering Elementary School
A notification postcard with medical check-up details will be sent to a household with a child who will be starting elementary school in April 2019.
■Postcard will arrive by November 30th (Fri).
■Medical check-ups will be conducted at respective elementary schools. (Check the school name with the postcard.)
■Enquiries: Student Health Division, Board of Education  TEL 093-582-2381
2. New Kitakyushu Rehabilitation Center for Children with Disabilities to be Opened.
Due to relocation, the Kitakyushu Rehabilitation Center for Children with Disabilities will suspend its business from October 29th.
■Date of relocation: November 1st (Thur)  *Outpatient care will resume on November 5th (Mon)
■New address: Harugaoka 10-4, Kokuraminami-ku
■Enquiries: Disability Support Division, Public Health and Welfare Bureau  TEL 093-582-2424
3. Flea Market Info
(1) Mitsubachi Flea Market
■Date/Time: November 3rd (Sat/Public Holiday) ~ November 4th (Sun)
                    10:00 ~ 16:00 (Cancelled in the event of rain)
■Place: Hibikinada Green Park, Wakamatsu-ku
■Enquiries: Mitsubachi Flea Market Executive Committee  TEL 093-772-3223
(2) Chuo Park “Fureai” Flea Market
■Date/Time: November 11th (Sun) 9:00 ~ 15:00  *Postponed to the 3rd Sunday of the month in the event of rain.
■Place: Chuo Green Park, Hachiojimachi, Yahatahigashi-ku
            (Next to the Municipal General Gymnasium)  *Free parking available.
■Enquiries: Kitakyushu Recycling Union  TEL 093-651-9245
(3) Kokura de Frima (Kokura Flea Market)
■Date/Time: November 18th (Sun) 10:00 ~ 15:30
■Place: Katsuyama Park Lawn Area (Cancelled in case of rain)
■Enquiries: Kokura de Frima Executive Committee  TEL 093-772-3223
(4) Mojiko Retro Flea Market
■Date/Time: November 25th (Sun) 10:00 ~ 15:00
■Place: Shinsui Square next to Former Moji Customs Bldg. (Cancelled in case of rain)
■Enquiries: Moji 21st Century Town Planning Party  TEL 093-331-2205
1. Giravanz Kitakyushu Home Game
■Date/Time: November 11th (Sun) 14:00  VS BLAUBLITZ’ AKITA
■Venue: Mikuni World Stadium Kitakyushu (North of JR Kokura Station)
■Further information: http://www.giravanz.jp/ticket/
2. The 15th Kitakyushu Champions Cup International Wheelchair Basketball Tournament
The tournament will be held as a symbol of barrier-free drive by the city as well as a commemorative event to mark the 55th anniversary of city administration.
■Date/Time: November 16th (Fri) ~ 18th (Sun)  9:00 ~ 18:00  *November 18th: ~15:00
■Venue: Kitakyushu General Gymnasium (Hachiojimachi 4-1, Yahatahigashi-ku)
■Admission fee: Advance: 400 yen  At door: 500 yen
*Free for students in high school and below, persons with disabilities (and up to one caregiver), and senior citizens over 65 years old
*Advance tickets are available at the Kitakyushu Champions Cup Executive Committee Office.
■Enquiries: Kitakyushu Champions Cup Executive Committee Office  093-922-1432
■Further information: http://www.kitakyushu-cup.com/
1. Yahata Kigyosai Festival 2018
With over 600,000 people attending every year, the Yahata Kigyosai Festival is the ward’s largest-scale citizens’ festival started in 1901.
Enjoy browsing through as many as 300 street stalls and an amazing array of exciting events from the well-known 25-hour EKIDEN relay race to a variety of stage shows including the Kigyosai dance and a grand finale with a magnificent fireworks display.
■Date/Time: November 2nd (Fri) ~ November 4th (Sun)
        【2nd】Eve of festival/17:00 ~ 21:00 【3rd &4th】10:00 ~ 21:00
■Place: Otani Baseball Stadium area、Higashida Odori Park, Yahatahigashi-ku
■Enquiries: Yahata Kigyosai Festival Executive Committee Office
                   TEL 093-671-0808  *During festival: 093-661-6256
■Further information: http://www.kigyosai.jp/
2. Kitakyushu Pop Culture Festival 2018
The biggest pop culture event in Kyushu featuring manga, anime, games etc.  Very rich in content with exhibitions of original drawings and panel displays of popular manga and anime, live anime song performances, talk shows by voice actors and more programs.
■Date/Time: November 10th (Sat) ~ November 11th (Sun) 
        【10th】10:00 ~ 21:00 (Exhibition area: ~18:00) 【11th】10:00 ~ 17:00
■Place: JR Kokura Station Shinkansen exit area, West Japan Industry and Trade Convention Center, Aru Aru City
■Admission Free (Charge required for some events.)
■Enquiries: MICE Promotion Division, Industry and Economics Bureau  TEL 093-551-8152
■Further information: http://www.ktqpopfes.jp/
Hello, TanoshiMail readers.
Hope you are all doing well.
Autumn is at its height, and as you know in Japan there are different ways of describing this season such as “autumn of reading,” “autumn of sports,” “autumn of art,” and “autumn of appetite.” What is your autumn going to be like this year?
Mine as always, is going to be food centric, therefore “autumn of appetite.”
Since I recently came to know that “semi-dried TOFU” is available near my workplace, I have been having it every morning and evening.
“Semi-dried TOFU” is a foodstuff I used to eat almost every day when I was in Wuhan, China, so it is a comfort food for me, evoking the nostalgia from those days.
Don’t you sometimes miss local specialties that you used to eat as a child?
Anyway, autumn is the season for great food.
Let’s try not to eat too much.
Chinese Language Consultant - Kimiko OKADA
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