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Important Notice

We will cease the mailing of the TanoshiMail magazine with this month’s edition.

For subsequent editions from next month please look at the “Topics” on our HP.


1. Consultation Services for Foreign Residents

1) Free consultation with a public notary on immigration/nationality /visa

 March 17th (Sun) 13:00~16:00

 *Reservation required by March 12th (Tues) for those requiring interpretation.

2) Free psychological counselling with a clinical psychologist

    Contact us on available dates.

3) Free legal consultation with a lawyer (Reservation required)

    March 23rd (Sat) 13:30~16:30

     *Reservation deadline: March 19th (Tues)

■Location: Com City 3F

■Applications/Enquiries: Kitakyushu International Association

TEL 093-643-5931 (093-643-6060 for English, Chinese, Korean, and Vietnamese)


3. My Country ~Samoa~

Come along and hear expats living in Kitakyushu talk about their home countries.  This time we will be introducing Samoa.

There will also be a Q&A session at the end of the program.

■Date/Time: March 16th (Sat) 11:00 - 12:30

■Place: Kitakyushu International Association, Koryu Space (Com City 3F, Kurosaki 3-15-3, Yahatanishi-ku

■Lecturer: Areta Elisapeta Roreta (Graduate school student in the faculty of environmental engineering, the University of Kitakyushu)

■Intended Audience: Those interested in foreign cultures

■Fee: ¥500 (¥300 for KIA Supporters Club members)

■Capacity: 60 people  *Application will close once all the places are filled.

■Applications/Enquiries: Contact us by phone, email or over the counter at the Kitakyushu International Association. (Staff in charge: Sri Ram/Hiraki)

TEL: 093-643-6464  E-mail: cir@kitaq-koryu.jp

When applying please give us the following information:

(1) Name of event  *Write the event name in the subject line if application is made by email.

    (2) Your name

    (3) The ward you live

    (4) Your phone number

    (5) How you came to know about the event




Life Info


1. Municipal and Prefectural Tax Declaration

For those who need to file a resident tax statement and did not receive a declaration form before February 15th, please contact the Residents’ Tax Division of the Tax Department or the Tax Division in your region.

■Target persons: Those who have a domicile in Kitakyushu city as of January 1st 2019 and had income in 2018.

■Deadline: March 15th (Fri)

■Enquiries: Respective Ward and Branch Offices

■Further Information: http://www.city.kitakyushu.lg.jp/page/dayori/190201/special/special2.html


2. Flea Market Info

(1) Mitsubachi Flea Market
■Date/Time: March 3rd (Sun) 10:00 ~ 16:00 (Cancelled in the event of rain)

■Place: Hibikinada Green Park, Wakamatsu-ku

■Enquiries: Mitsubachi Flea Market Executive Committee  TEL 093-772-3223

(2)Kokura de Frima (Kokura Flea Market)

■Date/Time: March 17th (Sun) 10:00~15:30 (Cancelled in the event of rain)

■Place: Katsuyama Park Lawn Area

■Enquiries: Kokura de Frima Executive Committee  TEL 093-772-3223

(3) Mojiko Retro Flea Market

■Date/Time: March 24th (Sun) 10:00 ~ 15:00 (Cancelled in case of rain)

■Place: Shinsui Square next to Former Moji Customs Bldg. (Cancelled in the event of rain)

■Enquiries: Moji 21st Century Town Planning Party  TEL 093-331-2205






1. Exhibition of Hagiiwa Mutsumi’s World ~ Commemoration of the 40th Anniversary of Art Works ~

To commemorate the 40th anniversary of Mutsumi Hagiiwa’s debut, who is originally from Kitakyushu city, her comic originals, illustrations, and her art work history will be displayed.

■Date/Time: March 2nd (Sat)~April 7th (Sun)  11:00~19:00  *Closed on Tuesday (Last admission: 30 minutes before closing time)

■Place: Kitakyushu Manga Museum (Aru Aru City 6F, Asano 2-14-5, Kokurakita-ku)

■Fee:【Day tickets】Adults \700, Junior High and High School Students \300, Elementary School Students \150

         【Set tickets including permanent exhibition entry】Adults \900, Junior High and High School Students \400, Elementary School Students \200

■Enquiries: Kitakyushu Manga Museum  TEL 093-512-5077

■Further Information: http://www.ktqmm.jp/kikaku_info/9352


2. One-coin Pipe Organ Concert

A memorable afternoon at Soleil Hall with pipe organ performances and songs.

■Date/Time: March 13th (Wed)  Curtain time:12:00 (Doors open at 11:30.)

■Place: Harmonie Cinq Kitakyushu Soleil Hall (Otemachi 12-3, Kokurakita-ku)

■Enquiries: Harmonie Cinq Kitakyushu Soleil Hall  TEL 093-592-5405

■Further Information: https://www.soleil-hall.jp/organize/detail.html?id=2952






1. Restored JR Mojiko Station to Begin Full Operations on March 10th

Mojiko JR Station, the first train station designated as a national important cultural asset, will be reopened after restoration work to the original state.

A variety of events will be held to commemorate its grand opening.

■Date/Time: March 1st (Fri)~March 31st(Sun)

  *Projection mapping will be conducted on the day before the station’s opening ceremony as shown below.

   March 9th (Sat) 18:30 at Station Square

■Place: Mojiko Retro Area

■Further Information: http://www.mojikoeki-reborn.com/


2. Spring Special Exhibition-related Event ~Night Museum~

Explore the dimly lit night museum!

■Date/Time: March 23rd (Sat) 18:00~20:00 (Last Admission: 19:00)

■Place: Kitakyushu Museum of Natural History and Human History (Higashida 2-4-1, Yahatahigashi-ku)

■Capacity: 500 people  *Please bring a flashlight with you.

■Fee: Adults \600, High School and College Students \400, Elementary and Junior High School Students \300

 *Tickets are available from Seven Ticket (Seven-Eleven’s ticket service system) only.

 *Children of elementary school age and under must be accompanied by parents.

■Enquiries: Kitakyushu Museum of Natural History and Human History   TEL 093-681-1011

■Further information: http://www.kmnh.jp/event/257/





It has been pretty warm this winter, and cherry blossoms are likely to bloom earlier.

It is a difficult season for me though, having been afflicted with hay fever. It won’t however last that long, so just a little more patience and it should be fine.

Spring is the season of major life events such as graduation, enrollment, employment, and job transfers.

It is a period where humans, as well as plants grow considerably through these various changes.

From this spring, why do join our events, interact with others, and grow together with us.


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