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Important Notice

We will cease the mailing of the TanoshiMail magazine with the March 2019 edition.

For subsequent editions from April 2019 please look at the “Topics” on our HP.


1. Consultation Services for Foreign Residents

1) Free consultation with a public notary on immigration/nationality /visa

     January 20th (Sun) 13:00~16:00

    *Reservation required by January 15th (Tues) for those requiring interpretation.

2) Free psychological counselling with a clinical psychologist

     Contact us on available dates.

3) Free legal consultation with a lawyer (Reservation required)

     January 26th (Sat) 13:30~16:30

     *Reservation deadline: January 22nd (Tues)

■Location: Com City 3F

■Applications/Enquiries: Kitakyushu International Association

TEL 093-643-5931 (093-643-6060 for English, Chinese, Korean, and Vietnamese)


2. The 9th Japanese Oshaberi Speech Contest - Audience Invited

Come down and hear foreign residents of various backgrounds give speeches in Japanese on a wide range of topics.

※No admission fee nor advance reservation required.

■Date/Time: February 3rd (Sun) 14:00~17:00

■Venue: Kodomo Hall, Kodomo no Yakata (Com City 7F, Kurosaki 3-15-3, Yahatanishi-ku)

■Enquiries: Kitakyushu International Association (KIA) (Staff in charge: Sri Ram/Katsuki)

TEL: 093-643-6464/E-mail: cir@kitaq-koryu.jp


3. Let’s Talk!
Whether you are new to Japan, want to improve your Japanese speaking skills, or just make new friends,「Let’s Talk!」is a session where Foreigners and Japanese can have a fun exchange with each other. Share about what you know and learn things that you have never known before. You can use either Japanese or English. (games / discussion)

■Date/Time: January 26th (Sat) 17:00 ~ 18:30

■Place: Kitakyushu International Association
        (COM CITY 3F, Kurosaki 3-15-3, Yahatanishi-ku)

■Fee: ¥500 (Members ¥300)  *Participation open to those aged 12 and above*

■Capacity: 35 people  *Application will close once all the places are filled.

■Register via Facebook, email, Telephone or just drop by the association.  (Staff in charge: Sri Ram)

Facebook Event Page: https://www.facebook.com/events/209287786645406/

TEL: 093-643-6464/E-mail: cir@kitaq-koryu.jp

When applying please give us the following information:

(1) Name of event

(2) Your name

(3) The ward you live in

(4) Your phone number

(5) How you came to know about the event



Life Info


1. Application for school supplies subsidy

Financial assistance to partially cover the expenses involved in school admission will be provided for those whose children are entering municipal elementary and junior high schools and prefectural junior high and secondary schools (lower secondary part) next April.

■Eligible Households: Those exempted from municipal inhabitant tax and/or receiving child rearing allowance

■Application Deadline: January 31st (Thurs)

■Enquiries: School Services and Financial Assistance Division, Board of Education  TEL 093-582-2378


2. Entrance to nursery schools and the like in fiscal 2019

Entrance starts next April at nursery schools, facilities for small-sized childcare, family day care services (childcare provided at caregiver’s home), employer-provided childcare services, and the childcare section of certified centers for early childhood education and care.

■Target Children: Pre-school children whose parents/guardians are not able to care for them due to work or other reasons.

■Application Deadline: January 31st (Thurs) for First Round

■Further Information: Child and Domestic Affairs Consultation Corner at the ward office in your residing area


3. Kitakyushu City Coming of Age Ceremony

The Coming of Age Ceremony has significant cultural importance, and in Japan it is considered to be the first step into adulthood.

■Date/Time: January 13th (Sun) 11:30~12:30 (Reception starts at 10:30)

■Venue: Kitakyushu Media Dome (Mihagino 3, Kokurakita-ku)

※Admission requires showing of the invitation postcard (sent at the beginning of December) or something else to prove a date of birth such as a student ID or a national health insurance card.

■Enquiries: Youth Education Division, Child and Domestic Affairs Bureau  TEL 093-582-2392






1. Kitakyushu International Manga Festival 2018

Introducing Tony Valente’s “RADIANT,” a new form of expression created by integrating Japanese comics with French ones.  Also featuring comics from Indonesia and Malaysia, where unique expressions have been developed in mixed diverse cultures.

■Date/Time: until January 20th (Sun)  11:00~19:00  *Last admission: 30 minutes before closing time

■Place: Special Exhibition Room, Kitakyushu Manga Museum (Aru Aru City 5F, Asano 2-14-5, Kokurakita-ku)

■Fee: Adults \200 (\500 for set ticket - includes permanent exhibition entry), Free for Elementary, Junior and Senior High School Students (Admission fee required)

■Enquiries: Kitakyushu Manga Museum  TEL 093-512-5077

■Further Information: http://www.ktqmm.jp/






1. Kitakyushu City New Year Parade of Fire Department Brigades 2019

Yearly event with a variety of performances such as daring stunts on ladders and “Matoi Furi” (flourishing of fireman’s standard) by fire corps volunteers, rescue work displays by rescue squads, performances by the Fire and Disaster Management Bureau’s marching band.

This year’s parade will be held as a commemorative event to mark the 70th anniversary of the establishment of the local governments’ firefighting system and the 55th anniversary of city administration.

■Date/Time: January 13th (Sun) 9:30~11:45  ※Cancelled in the event of stormy weather.

■Place: Sunset Square, Next to Kanmon Straits Museum, Moji-ku

■Enquiries: General Affairs Division, Fire and Disaster Management Bureau  TEL 093-582-3802




Happy New Year!

We have just entered a new year.  What is your goal for this year?

Did you know? According to the traditional Chinese calendar January 2019 is still considered as part of the previous year, in this case 2018.

It may be a bit confusing, differences between the old (lunar) calendar and the current Gregorian calendar, but the old calendar is an important tool that has a great influence on farming.

This is because the old calendar predicts seasons and temperatures more precisely.

As you may know, the old calendar is about a month behind the Gregorian calendar. I always look forward to festivities of the Lunar (Chinese) New Year in February.

If you have an opportunity, why don’t you visit a Chinatown at that time and enjoy the atmosphere of Chinese New Year?


Chinese Language Consultant - Jin Zhi


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