Responses of Fukuoka Prefecture after a state of emergency is lifted (from June 19)

June 19, 2020 Posted in Information

Responses of Fukuoka Prefecture after a state of emergency is lifted (from June 19)


   Fukuoka Prefecture, based on the state of infection after the lifting of the state of emergency on May 14, decided to mitigate its infection control measures from June 1, for its cities excepting Kitakyushu City. We have requested Kitakyushu City, where a rapid increase of the number of infected residents was observed, to continue its measures for refraining from unnecessary and non-urgent outings, and the closure of some of its facilities.

   We would like to express our appreciation for the understanding and cooperation of many local residents and business operators of our prefecture, and for strenuous efforts of professionals at the front-line of medical practice and other people who have supported our society at various sites.


   In Kitakyushu City, although 156 people had been infected with COVID-19 during the period from May 23 to June 16, the infection situation is about to be under control with the average number of infected persons per day during the most recent one week having reduced to 1.4. The assessment of the situation by experts is similar.


   Our prefecture, in order to request medical institutions to create a system for accepting COVID patients, such as by preparing enough hospital beds in case we go into a new phase of the spread of infection in the future, have set its unique indicators (the "Fukuoka Corona Alert"), and decided to begin discussing the measures to be taken by its local residents and business operators through comprehensive judgment based on these indicators, when it can be in medical stringency.

   In light of this "Fukuoka Corona Alert," in the current situation, we have enough reserve power to provide medical care, rather than being at the level of preparing for securing a new medical care provision system.


   In line with the situation explained above, Fukuoka Prefecture has decided to raise the level of its socio-economic activities, while making efforts to prevent the spread of infection, and to maintain and secure its medical care provision system.


1. Termination of infection control measures in Kitakyushu City

   The following measures of Kitakyushu City will be terminated on June 19.


1. Request for local residents of Kitakyushu City to refrain from unnecessary and non-urgent outings both inside and outside the prefecture

2. Request to refrain from holding event in Kitakyushu City

3. Request for the closure of night clubs or night club establishments that serve food and beverage and live music clubs in Kitakyushu City

   Accordingly, the prefectural Kanmon Kaikyo Museum, Kitakyushu Palace, and Hiraodai Natural Observation Center, three facilities which have been temporarily closed, will be resumed from June 19.


2. Approach from June 19 (of the entire prefecture including Kitakyushu City)

(1) Outings

1. The request for careful decisions regarding traveling to Hokkaido, Saitama and Chiba Prefectures, and Tokyo will be canceled from June 19.

2. Continue to pay enough attention to the infection situation of the destination before going out, and carefully deal with the situation.

Each person should take a thorough individual measure to prevent the infection, and avoid going out to a place with insufficient measures to prevent COVID infection.

3. With regard to tourism promotion, although we decided to work on it from sightseeing in the prefecture, to attract visitors from outside the prefecture will be allowed from June 19.


(2) Holding events

   Events should continue to be held by referring to the chart below (This is also applied to the cases of exhibitions and trade fairs).

(3) Facilities’ infection control measures

   According to the types of the facilities, each facility should continue to ensure that their infection control measures are thoroughly taken, such as “arrangement of the seats by taking enough space around each seat” and “proper disinfection and cleaning before accepting spectators/visitors at the following round.”

   In particular, facilities in Japan where a cluster infection occurred should take a stricter infection control measure.

(4) How to work

   To reduce opportunities to contact with others, such as through telecommuting, staggered working hours, and commuting by bicycle.


(5) Practice of new lifestyle

   Practice the “New Lifestyle” which is intended to continue to prevent the spread of infection according to each person’s daily life such as by wearing a face mask, washing hands, keeping distance from others, avoiding 3Cs (closed spaces, crowds, and close contact), and dealing with new styles of each life scene.


  * Since wearing a face mask in a humid and high temperature environment may lead to a higher risk of heatstroke, measures to prevent heatstroke should be taken by taking off a face mask appropriately, such as “Taking off a face mask when enough distance (at least 2 meters) can be taken from others outdoors” and “Taking a rest with the face mask temporarily taken off at a place where enough distance (at least 2 meters) can be taken from people around.”


(6) About consultations with medical and other related institutions

   When one of the above items from 1 to 3 applies, you should consult with the “Returnees/Contacts Consultation Center.”

1. Have one of the strong symptoms such as shortness of breath (dyspnea), intense fatigue (washed-out feeling), and high fever

2. When a person who is vulnerable to COVID-19 with his/her symptoms easily becoming severe or a pregnant woman has a relatively mild symptoms of the common cold, such as fever and coughing

3. When a person other than the person mentioned above continues to have a relatively mild symptoms of the common cold, such as fever and coughing

When you hope to see your regular doctor for your symptoms of the common cold, such as fever and coughing, be sure to consult with the doctor over the phone beforehand, rather than directly going to see the doctor.


3. About violation of human rights

   Due to fear and a sense of discrimination for the new coronavirus, cases of violation of human rights of infected persons, medical professionals, people who maintain social functions, and their families have occurred, such as slanders and discriminatory responses.

   Inconsiderate remarks and behavior and discrimination are never be forgiven. Residents of our prefecture are expected to take actions based on correct information and not be go along with such unforgivable behavior.


4. Conclusion

   The spread of the infection in Kitakyushu City this time is currently in the process of being settled thanks to all of your cooperation, and we have been able to stop a situation where the spread of the infection leads to the second wave of the coronavirus outbreak.

   In the course of our attempt to raise the level of our socio-economic activities, we are in a situation where people can be infected with the virus anywhere and anytime. Until we have the medicine and vaccine for this disease, we have to deal with new coronavirus infectious disease for a long time.

   Whether we can win this battle against COVID-19 or not depends on the awareness and behavior of each resident of our prefecture. Our regional strength and unity are questioned. Please make continued efforts to practice “New Lifestyle” intended to prevent the spread of infection without relaxing your attention, and to take thorough infection control measures so as to prevent your efforts so far from coming to nothing.

   We appreciate your continued understanding and cooperation that can prevent us from taking such measures as to request for refraining from unnecessary and non-urgent outings and closure of facilities again, which will force you to live an inconvenient life.

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