Message from the Mayor of Kitakyushu City(3rd February 2021)

February 4, 2021 Posted in Information

3rd February 2021

【Extension of the State of Emergency】

The State of Emergency has been extended for a month till the 7th of March.

With regards to the availability of beds at medical facilities within the city, patients are being admitted without much delay due to the cooperation of medical facilities. With the continued occurrence of new cases everyday however, we still face a severe situation.

I do understand that some of you may be facing a very difficult period, but I would like to share about the current situation where we face a similar number of positive cases as there were during the peak of spring and summer.

Since the State of Emergency was declared in January, the number of new positive cases has been decreasing due to the understanding and cooperation of residents, healthcare personnel, and other businesses.

If the situation improves further, there is a possibility of the State of Emergency being

rescinded earlier than planned.

Let’s overcome this difficult situation together, by working fast to suppress this infection, so that our residents and businesses can return to their normal lifestyles as soon as possible.

[Request to the residents of the city]

The elderly and people with underlying illnesses are most at risk, and may also need to be hospitalized, so please avoid crowded places.

Do wear masks at home to prevent household infections.

COVID-19 can be spread by people that do not show any symptoms. There have been cases of young people spreading the infection to the elderly without any knowledge of having been infected themselves.
I would like to ask you to take whatever measures necessary to prevent the spread of this infection.

In order for the State of Emergency to be rescinded earlier than planned, I would like to request once more for the understanding and cooperation of our residents, please refrain from non-essential travel or outings, please cooperate regarding the reduction business hours, and please have thorough measures in place to prevent infection.


KITAHASHI Kenji, Mayor of Kitakyushu City


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