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March 5, 2020 Posted in Information


                   KIA NEWS

1. Cancellation of Events and Japanese Classes
 As a precaution against COVID-19 (Novel Coronavirus), the Kitakyushu International Association has decided to cancel the following events/classes
(a) Spring Mini Camp 14 March 2020 (CANCELLED)
(b) Japanese Classes (CANCELLED till 31 March ) *date subject to change
・Japanese Language Class for Mums and Dads in Kurosaki (Thursdays, 10:30AM- 12:00PM)
・Japanese Language Class for Mums and Dads in Kokura (Fridays, 10:30AM-12:00PM)
・Nihongo Hiroba Kokura (Tuesdays, 04:00PM-05:30PM)
・Nihongo Hiroba Kurosaki (Saturdays, 10:00AM-11:30AM)

2. Consultation Services by Specialists for Foreign Residents
(a) Free consultation with an administrative scrivener (notary) on immigration/nationality /visa matters
14 March (Saturday) 13:00~16:00
*Reservation required by 10 March (Tuesday) for those requiring interpretation
(b)Free psychological counselling with a clinical psychologist
     Contact us for available dates.
(c) Free legal consultation with a lawyer (Reservation required)
     28 March (Saturday) 13:30~16:30
     *Reservation deadline: 24 March (Tuesday)
■Location: Com City 3F
■Applications/Enquiries: Kitakyushu International Association
TEL 093-643-5931 (080-6445-2606 for English, Chinese, Korean, and Vietnamese)

                    Life Info

1. Regarding the COVID-19 (Novel Coronavirus) Outbreak
Due to the constantly changing situation, please be sure to keep yourself updated.
 (a) Enquiries regarding COVID-19 (Novel Coronavirus)
  (i) Kitakyushu City Novel Coronavirus Hotline
     (Returnees / Persons in Contact Center)
     TEL: 093-522-8745 (24 Hours) *Japanese
     URL: Detailed information on the in multiple languages available. Refer to (b).
     *Support in other languages provided through interpretation. Follow the following
      steps. Call the above number, share your contact information in Japanese or simple
      English. Repeat once more. Call will be terminated. Await call from interpreter.
      This this may take time.
  (ii) Fukuoka Multilingual Assistance and Information Center
      TEL : 0120-276-906 *Consultation available in the following languages
      English, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, Nepali, Indonesian, Tagalog, Portuguese,
      Thai, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Russian, Malay, Burmese, Khmer,
 (b) Sites regarding COVID-19 (Novel Coronavirus)
        (i) Kitakyushu City has provided information regarding COVID-19 in various
languages in the following sites.
  (Japanese)  (English)  (Chinese)  (Korean)  (Vietnamese
                            *Vietnamese links directly to the PDF file
  (ii) Ministry of Health, Labour, and Welfare (Q&A regarding COVID-19)
      ( English Link )  ( Chinese Link ) ( Korean Link )  ( Simple Japanese Link )

 (c) List of Publich Health Centers in Fukuoka Prefecture
       ( Japanese Link )  ( English Link )  ( Chinese Link )  ( Korean Link )

2. All public Elementary Schools, Junior High Schools, High Schools, Special Needs Schools, Technical Schools in Kitakyushu City Closed Temporarily to prevent the spread of COVID-19 (Novel Coronavirus).
Period of Closure: 2 March 2020 (Monday) – 24 March 2020 (Tuesday)
* High Schools and Technical Schools closed till 19 March 2020 (Thursday)
* Graduation Ceremony 17 March 2020 (Tuesday),
  Completion Ceremony 24 March 2020 (Tuesday) planned to be carried out.
* Closure period subject to changed based on situation.
  Call the following numbers for their related enquiries:
    Student Health Division: 093-582-2381 (Student health care etc.)
       School Curriculum and Guidance Division 1: 093-582-2368 (School related matters)
       School Curriculum and Guidance Division 2: 093-582-2369 (Club activities)

3. Period for Tax declaration (Municipal Tax, Income Tax) has been extended
The 16 March Tax declaration deadline had been extended to 16 April 2020 (Thursday).
Submission at the Tax divisions of your respective Ward Office or by post.
Tax declaration is required by all. If you have not received your necessary documents for the Tax Declaration around 15 February, please contact the Tax divisions of your respective Ward Office.
Required for those residing in the City as of 1 January 2020, and received any Income during 2019.
Declaration required by the 16 of April 2020*
*Date may be changed, please refer to updates
Enquires: Tax divisions of your respective Ward Office
     Moji                TEL 093-331-0511 
     Kokurakita *        TEL 093-582-3360
     Kokuraminami   TEL 093-951-1023 
     Wakamatsu        TEL 093-761-4182
     Yahatahigashi    TEL 093-681-5851 
     Yahatanishi *           TEL 093-642-1458
     Tobata                  TEL 093-881-2687
Details: https://www.city.kitakyushu.lg.jp/page/dayori/200201/special/special2.html

Kitakyushu International Association (KIA)
COM CITY 3F, 3-15-3 Kurosaki, Yahatanishi-ku
TEL: 093-643-5931
E-mail: helpdesk@kitaq-koryu.jp


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