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KIA News


1. Consultation Services by Specialists for Foreign Residents

1) Free consultation with an administrative scrivener (notary) on immigration/nationality /visa matters

February 8th (Sat) 13:00~16:00

*Reservation required by February 4th (Tues) for those requiring interpretation

2) Free psychological counselling with a clinical psychologist

     Contact us for available dates.

3) Free legal consultation with a lawyer (Reservation required)

     February 22nd (Sat) 13:30~16:30

     *Reservation deadline: February 18th (Tues)

■Location: Com City 3F

■Applications/Enquiries: Kitakyushu International Association

TEL 093-643-5931 (080-6445-2606 for English, Chinese, Korean, and Vietnamese)



Life Info


1. Concerning the recent Coronavirus outbreak

The first case of new corona virus infection was confirmed in Japan on 16th January.

Please visit a medical facility or inform your doctor if you satisfy the following criteria:

You have a fever over 37.5°C, as well as respiratory issues, including cough or difficulty breathing.

In the two weeks before displaying symptoms, you either visited the city of Wuhan, or came into contact with someone who had, who was displaying symptoms such as a fever or breathing problems.

Please contact the following number for any concerns regarding the Coronavirus:

Kitakyushu City Novel Coronavirus Special Number

TEL:093-522-8745(24-hour reception)

For more information:  https://www.city.kitakyushu.lg.jp/english/e20100257.html



2. Flea Market Info

(1) Car Boot Sale
■Date/Time: February 22nd (Sat)~23rd (Sun) 10:00~17:00 (Cancelled in the event of rain)

■Place: Mojiko Retro Central Plaza

■Enquiries: M. A. C. (Mojiko Antique Company) TEL 080-9100-6788





1. Kitakyushu Marathon 2020

12,000 runners racing through streets of the city in early spring.

■Date/Time: February 16th (Sun)  9:00~15:00

■Place: Starting Point: Kitakyushu City Hall ~ Finishing Point: Kitakyushu International Convention Center

■Enquiries: Sports Promotion Division, Citizen Services, Culture and Sports Bureau TEL 093-582-2831

■Further information: https://kitakyushu-marathon.jp/


2. Japanese Paper Cutout Exhibition by 5 Muses

Original sensibility and techniques displayed by five female paper cutout artists representing Japan.  Enjoy their ultimate “Kamiwaza.”

■Date/Time: Until March 1st (Sun) 10:00~18:00 (Admission until 17:30)

■Venue: Kitakyushu Municipal Museum of Art, Riverwalk Gallery (Riverwalk Kitakyushu 5F)

■Fee: Adults 1,200yen, Senior High School and College Students 800yen, Elementary and Junior High School Students 500yen

■Enquiries: Kitakyushu Municipal Museum of Art, Riverwalk Gallery TEL 093-562-3215

■Further Information: http://kmma.jp/bunkan/exhibition/2019_paper-cutout_5muses.html





1. Hiraodai Winter Fireworks

In time with Valentine’s Day a fireworks display will be held at Hiraodai.  There will also be stage performances and stalls for hot dishes.

■Date/Time: February 8th (Sun) 17:00~19:30 

※In case of rain the event will be postponed to February 9th (Sun) or 11th (Tues/Public Holiday).

■Place: Hiraodai Shizen-no Sato (1-1-1 Hiraodai, Kokuraminami-ku)

■Enquiries: Hiraodai Winter Fireworks Executive Committee TEL 093-452-2715

■Further information: http://www.hiraodai.jp/sato/index-event.html


2. Buzen-kai Oyster Barbecue Festival

The festival, as an annual winter event in Kitakyushu city, is taking place with 200 grills set up turning the square into a huge oyster barbecue.  Why don’t you come and enjoy Buzen-kai oysters as well as a variety of seasonal local foods and processed foods on sale.

■Date/Time: February 8th (Sat)~9th (Sun) 10:00~16:00

■Place: Mojiko Retro Central Plaza

■Admission Free ※Food, drinks, and goods sold separately at the venue.
■Enquiries: Buzen-kai Oyster Barbecue Festival Executive Committee TEL 093-582-2080



Kitakyushu International Association (KIA)

COM CITY 3F, 3-15-3 Kurosaki, Yahatanishi-ku

TEL: 093-643-5931

E-mail: helpdesk@kitaq-koryu.jp




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