Fukuoka prefecture's measures after the state of emergency lifted

June 1, 2020 Posted in Information

Fukuoka Prefectural Government

30 May 2020

Since the state of emergency was lifted the 14th of this month, the infection situation in this prefecture has been settling down. For this reason, I believe that it is time to gradually raise the level of socio-economic activities while working to prevent the spread of infections and to secure the provision healthcare system.

However, in Kitakyushu City, where the number of infected people has continued to be zero since April 30, the number of infected people has increased since May 23, and 26 people were found infected today, and total of 69 people were infected in the past week. Among them, 27 people do not know where they got infected, and experts say that it is impossible to deny the possibility that it has spread throughout the city.

In preparation for the infection spreading again in Fukuoka prefecture, the Fukuoka Prefectural has set up a "Fukuoka Corona Alert" listed here based on these indicators. Such as if there is a risk that medical care would be limited, requesting medical institutions to improve their acceptance system, such as preparation for hospital beds. We are planning measures for the residents of the prefecture and businesses to follow.

For the "Fukuoka Corona Warning", the current situation is as follows.


・ The number of infected people (3 day moving average) has not exceeded 8 people for3 consecutive days

・ The ratio of persons with unknown infection routes did not exceed 50% for 3 consecutive days

・ On the other hand, the bed occupancy rate and the severe bed occupancy rate are below 10% for the most recent week.


Thus, at this stage, the prefectural government has not reached the level of preparing to secure the medical service system, and there is ample room to spare.
However, depending on the situation in the future, it is expected that the situation will be severe. To not undermine the efforts that have been made up until now, it is necessary to stop the spread of this infection in Kitakyushu City spreading in Fukuoka Prefecture and become the second wave.

Therefore, we conducted a detailed analysis of the infections in Kitakyushu City, reviewed the current measures while gradually raising the socioeconomic level, and decided to adopt the following measures.

 (1) Refraining from going out
① Residents living outside Kitakyushu City
ㆍ Release request for nonessential outings.
It is now possible to go to different prefectures, but be careful to going to Hokkaido, Saitama Prefecture, Chiba Prefecture, Tokyo Prefecture, and Kanagawa Prefecture until June 18. Also, for the time being, when going to other areas within the prefecture, be careful to take into consideration the infection status in that area.
When going out, be sure to thoroughly implement infection prevention measures and avoid going to places where infection prevention measures are insufficient.

Regarding tourism promotion, we will start with sightseeing within the prefecture, and actively attract people from outside the prefecture after June 19th.

② Residents living in Kitakyushu City
For the time being, refrain from nonessential outings, both inside and outside the prefecture

(2) Holding of events

Areas other than Kitakyushu city
You can hold events. In addition, when holding the events, take the appropriate infection prevention measures. If the appropriate infection prevention measures cannot be accommodated, the organizer should cancel or postpone the event. 


② Kitakyushu city
To refrain from holding events until June 18

(3) Facility closures
① Areas other than Kitakyushu City
▽ Cancellations of the previous request for closures.
When re-opening, be sure to take appropriate infection prevention measures for each facility type, such as "allocated seats on all sides" and "appropriate disinfection and cleaning when customers are come in and out" at all facilities.
Especially, take strict measures to prevent infections at facilities where clusters occurs in Japan.
In the future, when a cluster occurs, we will consider request to close the facilities in that facility type.

② Kitakyushu city

Due to clusters occurring in Japan so far, we request the closures until June 18th for restaurants and live houses with entertainment, which has a high risk of infection. (A detailed analysis of the status of infection in Kitakyushu City may be carried out, and if the results become clear, the request may be lifted.)

* Regarding restaurants with entertainment, regardless of the name of the cabaret, night club, snack, bar, pub, etc., those with entertainment for customers, are subject to closure request.
* For prefectural schools in the Kitakyushu area, we will carry out shifted school attendance for one week from June 1 for the time being. Regarding municipal schools and private schools, the head of the facility will make the decision referenced the prefectural schools.

(4) Attendance at work
To reduce contact with people, such as teleworking, staggered work hours and commuting by bicycle

(5) Practice of new lifestyle
Continue to practice "new lifestyle" guideline to prevent the spread of infection, such as "maintaining social distance", "wearing a mask", and "washing hands" which are the three basics of infection prevention.

(6) Consultation with medical institutions
If you fall under any of ① to ③, please consult the "Returnees / Contacts Consultation Center"

① If you have any of the following symptoms: shortness of breath (dyspnea), strong dullness (fatigue), high fever, etc.
② If you are a seriously ill or a pregnant woman and have a relatively mild cold symptom such as fever or cough.
③ If you have a relatively mild symptom of fever or cough, etc.


Do not go directly to your doctor when if you have a cold, such as a fever or cough and visit your doctor, always consult by phone in advance.

In the future, we will face the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) until vaccines and therapeutic agents are developed and collective immunity has acquired. Whether or not this battle can be overcome with the awareness and actions of each prefectural resident and the power and unity of this region will be challenged.

Everyone is at risk of being infected and at risk of being infected.

In order to protect yourself, your family, the people around you, the community and society, we would like you implement the "new lifestyle" guidelines to prevent the spread of infection and to implement thorough infection prevention measures.

With the spread of infections in Kitakyushu City, infected people, their families, medical staff are facing discrimination such as slander and bullying, due to anxiety and prejudice.
Prejudice and discriminatory behavior is unacceptable. We ask all prefectural residents to act in harmony with present information, and to act calmly based on reliable information.



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