Fukuoka Prefectural Government Announcement: 4 May 2020

May 7, 2020 Posted in Information

4th May 2020

Fukuoka Prefectural Government:

Today, the country has announced it will continue the state of emergency, from May 7th to 31st. A guideline was set for the 13 "specified warning prefectures” including this prefecture, to aim for a reduction of contact opportunities to a minimum of 70% and up to 80% as much as possible and to continuing the same efforts as before.

For this reason and considering the opinions of experts and with the aim of ending this situation as soon as possible, the prefectural government will continue to extend the efforts it has implemented until May 31.

We ask for the prefectural residents and businesses for their understanding and cooperation.

(1) Aside from essential outing, please refrain from nonessential outings,
*what defines essential outings, things such as going to the hospital, buying food, medical, daily necessities, attendance at work, exercise and walking outside.

(2) To avoid nonessential traveling, to not have people move across prefectures as much as possible to prevent spread.

(3) To avoid, poorly ventilated spaces, crowded spaces where people gather, and close contact of conversations are 3 conditions that reduces the risks of mass infection.

(4) Please wash your hands, use disinfections, wearing masks, practice coughing etiquette and to distance yourself with people

(5) To refrain from events and gatherings that have poorly ventilated spaces, crowded spaces, and close contact which may lead to the spread of infection

(6) To aim for 70% reduction of attendance at work by people working from home (telework), having staggered work hour, and to commute by bicycle to reduce contact with people

(7) If you have symptoms like fever, cough, and or cold, and going to visit a general practitioner, please call and consult with them before visiting them.

(8) Cooperation with facility closures, etc.

Regarding to museums, art galleries, libraries, etc. To make a careful decision based on the infection status after a certain period (about two weeks) and to properly implement the infection prevention measures at each facility.


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