COVID-19 Vaccination Notice II

July 8, 2021 Posted in Information

COVID-19 Vaccine Notification・Appointment・Vaccination             

Basic information regarding Vaccination

・Vaccination is conducted for free.
・The Vaccine Notification will be sent to those that are living in Japan and have registered their
  residence in Japan.
・Vaccination is not compulsory. Vaccination is available for those that want to be vaccinated.
・An appointment is required for vaccination.

●Steps to Vaccination

1.Arrival of notification in mail              2.Make your appointment            3.Receive your vaccine


1. Mail pertaining to the vaccination will be sent to your registered residence.

    The envelope will contain the vaccination ticket (coupon), pre-examination slip, and the notification. 

 2. Appointment can be made via Telephone or Online.

    ▶Appointment booking website

    ▶Appointment booking call center TEL. 0120-489-199

       Operating hours : 9am – 5pm (Daily)

       Supported languages : Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean

 ▶Consultation counter at your respective Ward Office


    ・You can choose between Group Vaccination and Individual Vaccination. The appointment steps for each category is different.

        Please refer here →Preparation till vaccination.pdf


    ・Vaccination will begin from those that have been admitted to hospital for certain illnesses,

        and those that frequent hospitals for treatment.

        From there on vaccination will progress by age group.

        Please refer here → The order of Vaccination.pdf


3. Vaccinations are conducted at hospitals or other designated locations.

    Please refer here → Things to bring along for your vaccination.pdf


●Variety of Vaccine


From the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare website

Details from Pfizer

English/英語عربى / Arabic中文 / Chinese (Simplified)中文 / Chinese (Traditional)français / French

bahasa Indonesia / Indonesianខ្មែរ / Khmer한국어 / KoreanМонгол / Mongolianမြန်မာ / Burmese 

नेपाली / Nepaliportuguês / Portugueseрусский / RussianEspañol / SpanishTagalog/タガログ語

ไทย / ThaiTiếng Việt / Vietnamese 


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