Calling for participants in the 9th Japanese Oshaberi Speech Contest

November 28, 2018 Posted in Information

Are you learning Japanese?  Then why don’t you join our Japanese Oshaberi Contest and talk about your life in Japan and your own country, etc. in front of local people?

■Date/Time: Sunday, February 3rd 2019  14:00 ~ 18:00

■Venue: Kodomo no Yakata, Kodomo Hall (COMCITY 7F, Kurosaki 3-15-3,  Yahatanishi-ku)

■No specific theme

■Allotted Time: within 4 minutes

■Eligible persons to apply: Foreigners living in Kitakyushu City and its vicinities  

※Participants are chosen by lot if there are 30 or more applicants.

   Those participating for the first time will be given priority. 

   You will be contacted by January 5th either by phone or email if your application is accepted. 

■How to apply:

1. Submit an application form 申込用紙(もうしこみようし).pdf by December 21st (Fri) either by email, Fax, post, or over the counter at KIA

2. Send your photo for the contest by email by January 8th (Tues).

3. Submit your manuscript by January 8th (Tues) either by email, Fax, post, or over the counter at KIA.


COMCITY 3F, Kurosaki 3-15-3, Yahatanishi-ku, 806-0021


■For more details see おしゃべり発表会ちらし.pdf


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