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With the lifting of the State of Emergency and the "Fukuoka Corona Special Alert", the "Fukuoka Corona Alert" has been put in effect from the 1st to the 14th of October. as of September 30. This will cover the entire prefecture from Friday October 1 to Thursday October 14.

Request to Prefectural Residents

When going out:

  • Take basic infection prevention measures such as avoiding the three “Cs”, wearing a mask, and washing your hands.
  • Look up the COVID-19 situation of the place or lacation which you are headed to .
  • Check what infection prevention measures have been put in place by the facility or venue that you will be visiting.
  • Choose a time and place that is not crowded.
  • Move in small groups.
  • Avoid going out if you have a fever.


When traveling to other prefectures:

  • Adhere to the basic infection prevention measures.
  • If you have not been vaccinated, take a PCR test before travelling.


When eating out:

  • Refrain from patronising eateries that do not respond to requests to shorten business hours.
  • Avoid eating in large groups if adequte.
  • Avoid eating out for long hours.


When patronising Karaoke booths:

  • Wear a mask when singing at the Karaoke booth.
  • Keep a distance of atleast 2 meters from the person that is singing.
  • Keep atleast 1 meter between seats.


Age group for those that can be vaccinated has been expanded

  • Vaccination is available for those aged 16 and above.

  • Vaccination without prior appointment is available at the following 9 locations that have been set up by the prefecture.

①Kitakyushu City (till 10/29)

Kokura Shinkansen Station  VIERRA KOKURA 1F  Vaccination Center

1-1-1 Asano, Kokurakita-ku, KItakyushu City


②Fukuoka City (till 11/29)
Fukuoka Tenjin Senta Bld. 8F  TKP GArden City Tenjin M-1

2-14-8 Tenjin, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka City 

③Kurume City (till 10/29)
1-6 Tenjinmachi, Kurume City      Chitose Plaze East Block

④Nogata City (teill 10/20)
AEON Mall Nogata 2F  AEON Hall
2-1-1 Yunohara, Nogata City

⑤KAsuga City (till 10/29)
Clover Plaza  Arena Block  Gymnasium
3-1-7 Haramachi, Kasuga City  2F

⑥Munakata City (till 10/28)
Munakata kinrousha taiku senta
1-4-1 Sue, Munakata City

⑦Miyama City (till 10/28)
Former Kamisho Elementary School Gymnasium
1259 Kamisho , Setakacho, Miyama City

⑧Kasuya Town (till 10/27)
Kasuya Town Welfare Center  Hall 
6-5-10 Chojabara. Kasuya Town

⑨Keisen Town (till 10/28)
Keisen Town General Gymnasium
429-26 Oazuyoshikuma, Keisen Town

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