Exchange Student Support

There are a large number of foreign students studying in Kitakyushu. Below are some of the support activities that we are involved in at the Kitakyushu International Association.

Exchange Student Support Fund

So that the foreign exchange students in Kitakyushu can have a productive and fruitful time here, the K.I.A. collects numerous generous contributions, in support of local exchange students, from local residents and businesses. These contributions are then put towards a variety of support activities, including the Home Visit Program.

Exchange Student Home Visit Program

Japanese families from the local area become a "Kitakyushu Mother or Father" to an exchange student, and over the course of the year support the student emotionally by helping them through any problems they may have with the language, culture, or lifestyle in Japan. This program is recommended for any exchange students who wish to spend more time with Japanese people, want Japanese people to learn more about their native countries, or who are looking for people to support them when they feel lonely, or have problems.

- Application (for exchange students)
In spring (around March) and autumn (around September) each year, we accept applications from people looking for host families. First of all, please contact the department in charge of exchange students at your University. That department will then send your application to us at the Kitakyushu International Association.

- The process after application
After receiving your application at the Kitakyushu International Association, we will seek to match you with a host family based on your applications, and will then contact you again through your University. Once we have determined who your host family will be, we will then introduce you to each-other. After that, it is then up to you to discuss with your host family the dates for your home visit and activities together. Even if you are not able to meet your host family, you can still stay in contact by telephone or e-mail.

Sekihara Kitakyushu Dalian Exchange Student Scholarship (Learn more)

Fee paying university exchange students that study in Kitakyushu City, and who were born in Dalian, China, will be eligible for this scholarship. Up to 2 students will receive this scholarship of 20,000yen per month for a period of one year.

Exchange Students Japanese Speech Contest

The Kitakyushu International Association holds a Japanese Speech Contest for exchange students studying or living in Kitakyushu, in December every year. This contest is a chance for the students to show the audience the fruits of their labour in learning the Japanese language.

Cinemas Admission Discount

Exchange students, upon presentation of their student card and residence card at the cashier, will receive a discount off the usual price of a movie ticket. (This brings the usual price of 1,800 yen down to 1,100yen/1,200yen. → See below.)
☆Until September 30th 2019: 1,100 yen
☆From October 1st 2019 onwards: 1,200 yen

*A message from the city to all exchange students.→

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