Interpretation Support

Administrative Interpretation 

Administrative interpretation services are available for foreign residents who have difficulty communicating in Japanese. Interpretation may be conducted via (1) interpreter dispatch (2) telephone (3) online interpretation services, at the various ward offices, schools etc.

Supported Institutions / Facilities 

Kitakyushu city elementary and junior-high schools, city hall, ward offices, health and welfare centers, welfare facilities and child consultation offices etc.


Administrative procedures / consultation, personal interviews, home visits, public health nurse visits etc.

*Our Administrative Interpretation services are not available for the following:

 (1) Class/Lesson support, Interpretation requiring specialized expertise
 (2) Events (tours/observations/inspections), party interpretation etc.
 (3) Private interpretation among friends or family
 (4) Business / Commericial activities
 (5) Translation

Available Date/Time

Monday - Friday  9:30am - 5pm  (Excluding National Holidays, Year End and New Year Holidays)

*There may be situations where we are unable to provide our services even within the above time frame.
We seek your understanding in this matter.


〇 Interpreter dispatch / Online interpretation services : Up to 3 hours per session

〇 Telephone interpretation : up to 30mins per session 

Fee / Cost

Free (Telephone and other call charges however are to be bourne by the individual)

The ¥2500 fee for each session of our Interpreter Dispatch / Online interpretation services, and the ¥4500 fee for each session of our Telephone Interpretation services will be bourne by the Kitakyushu International Association.

※ Interpretation requests beyond or outside of Kitakyushu City will charged and are payable by the individual. (We seek your understanding in this matter.)

How to apply

Request form, Questionnaire click here

In Japanese or English: Please call 093-643-5931 (Monday – Friday)
In English, Chinese, Korean or Japanese:
Mail to 
or call the Onestop Information Center on 080-6445-2606

Terms of Use

  1. After receiving a request, it should take around one week to arrange for an interpreter.
  2. There may be cases where due to the schedule or level of difficulty, requests for interpreters cannot be accepted.
  3. We are unable to provide a written translation service.
  4. It is not possible to select individual interpreters.
  5. The interpreting will be in the form of consecutive interpretation (interpreting something after it has been said). Interpreters will not be expected to make any decisions or offer advice during the consultation.
  6. Interpreters are required to keep the content of the consultation private. The content of the interpretation will not be used in any other situation other than the consultation itself.
  7. If the person requesting interpretation has not arrived fifteen minutes after the agreed time, the appointment will be cancelled, and in some cases future requests from this person may be rejected.
  8. Interpreters are only able to provide assistance for consultations on the issues written in the applicant’s request form, and cannot provide help for any new requests that may arise on the day of consultation.
  9. Please fill out a questionnaire after the consultation has taken place.
  10. We will not provide any of the interpreter’s personal details, such as their telephone number, mail address or home address. We also prohibit you from asking these details to the interpreters themselves.
  11. This administrative interpretation is done on a goodwill basis by local citizens, and not as a profession. Should any problems arise from the consultation; neither the interpreters nor the Kitakyushu International Association can bear responsibility.


Medical Interpreter 

Where can we dispatch interpreters  Click Here

  • Requests for interpreters may only be made by medical faciities. If you require an interpreter please contact us.
  • We can offer interpreters in English, Chinese, Korean.

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