'Infants' and Children's Medical Subsidies' to Undergo Revision - Taking Effect from October

May 17, 2016

The official name of the system will change to Children’s Medical Expense Subsidies (kodomo iryohi shikyu seido).

・Elementary school students grades 1 to 6 will be eligible for subsidized hospital visits.

・A partial revision will be made to the self-financed portion of medical expenses.


①For children up to 2 years old:

No changes will be made and current regulations will continue to apply (no charge for both inpatients and outpatients).


②For children from 3 years old up to the time they start elementary school:

・Outpatients: The current regulation of visits to and from the hospital being free of charge will be revised.  A contribution of up to 600 yen a month will become necessary. However, as a transitional measure, this contribution will be up to 500 yen a month until March 2019.

・Inpatients: No changes will be made in the case of hospitalization, and current regulations will continue to apply (free of charge).


③Elementary School Students:

Outpatients: Up to 1,200 yen a month

Inpatients: The current regulation of hospitalizations requiring 500 yen per day (up to 7 days a month) will be revised; these will become free of charge.


④Junior High School Students:

Outpatients: ineligible for any subsidies

Inpatients: the current regulation of hospitalizations entailing 500 yen per day (up to 7 days a month) will be revised; these will become free of charge.


※The portion of medical expenses you are financially responsible for will be charged separately at each medical facility.

※Community pharmacies will be free of charge.

・Income restrictions will be abolished.

・Children’s Medical Care Certificates (kodomo iryo-sho) will also be issued to elementary and junior high school students. For those that need to register, application forms will be sent by mail following the beginning of June.


Contact information:

Kitakyushu Child and Domestic Affairs Bureau Child-Raising Support Division

TEL: (093) 582-2410

※Japanese only


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