Disaster Info


Disaster Information

 Information on evacuation information (ひなんじょうほう), warning (ちゅういほう), alarm (けいほう) in Kitakyushu city.


Kitakyushu Disaster Multilingual Support Center



  • Translation and dissemination of vital information in times of large scale disasters and calamaties.
  • Consultation and information support for foreigners.
  • Dispatch of interpreters for evacuees.


Center Summary

The Kitakyushu Disaster Multilingual Support Center has been formed through the collaboration agreement (20 June 2018) between Kitakyushu City and the Kitakyushu International Association to aid and assist foreigners in times of large scale disasters and calamaties (earthquake, typhoon, tsunami, flood etc).

  • Location: Kitakyushu International Association - 3F Com City (Kitakyushu City, Yahatanishi Ward, Kurosaki 3 Chome, 15-3)


Evacuation Sites (April, 2018)      


Multilingual Disaster Prevention Tools  

Kitakyushu Disaster Prevention Handbook for Foreigners 

    It is necessary to know about disaster prevention to be able to minimize your damages when a disaster occurs.
  In Kitakyushu, basic disaster knowledge and disaster prevention are available in simple Japanese, English, Chinese, and Korean.
  The English title is the “Kitakyushu Disaster Prevention Handbook for Foreigners ~Things You Should Know in Preparation for a Disaster~”.

Available Pamphlet Locations

  • KitakyushuCity Hall (International Policy Division, General Affairs and Planning Bureau)
  • Kitakyushu International Association(KIA)
  • Resident Division at each Ward Office (Foreign Registration Services desk)

City of Kitakyushu disaster Shelter Point-and-Speak Phrasebook

An easy to use "point and convey" communication book that you can use when having trouble communicating with Japanese at evacuation centers.

The "evacuee interview sheet" at the end of the book is designed to allow foreign evacuees fill in information with ease, and could also be referred to and used by those rendering assistance to foreign evacuees.



 Disaster Shelter Point-and-Speak Phrasebook 





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Kitakyushu International Association

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