Taiwan Cultural Exchange Event and Cultural Exhibition are being held!

①Exhibition:January 15 (Mon) to January 26 (Fri), 2024

※ No application required, closed on the 21st.

We will exhibit works of art born from exchanges between Kitakyushu and Taiwan, books set in Taiwan, tourist information and Taiwan home appliances.

We are preparing a lot of brochures. (first come first served)

②Exchange meeting Part 1:Sunday, January 21, 2024   1:20pm~3:10pm

※Capacity 30 people

We will interact with Taiwanese people living in Kitakyushu city in Japanese through lectures and talks.

③Exchange meeting Part 2:Sunday, January 21, 2024   4:00pm~5:00pm

※Capacity 12 people  ※Actual cost of 500 yen will be charged.

Make Chinese New Year decorations with Mizuhiki. Explanation in easy Japanese.

※Separate applications are required for ② and ③

※Application starts from Thursday, January 4, 2024

※Reception phone number: 093-643-5931 (Iwasaki)