Message from Mayor of Kitakyushu City

April 16, 2020 Posted in Information

On April 7th, a State of Emergency was declared by the Japanese government, based upon the Novel Coronavirus Response Special Measures Law, lasting for one month until May 6th, and Fukuoka Prefecture is one of the areas that falls under this designation.
[ Regarding to the emergency measures to the spreading of the novel coronaviruses (COVID-19) infections ]

The Fukuoka Prefectural Government also plans to display their own response to the State of Emergency declaration, potentially in the Fukuoka Prefecture Basic Policy Plan (working title). The City of Kitakyushu plans to follow Fukuoka Prefecture’s plan, and cooperate in all areas. 

As the mayor, it is my duty to protect the lives and well-being of the citizens of Kitakyushu, and what I want to tell all of you is this: to get through these hard times, you need to act with a level head and not be deceived by rumors.

Even with a State of Emergency declared, the city will not be fully locked down with fines like Europe or America.

You can go out when it is necessary to, including to buy daily necessities, such as food or household items, or to travel to medical facilities. What I am saying is not that you cannot leave your house.

To prevent further spread of the virus, I need each and every citizen to understand and cooperate to the best of their ability.

1.    Do not go out unless necessary, no matter your age group: young, middle-age, old.

2.    Avoid the three Cs, which present a high risk of infection: closed spaces, crowded places, and close contact settings.

3.    When you need to go outside, please practice social distancing, and keep space between you and other people roughly equivalent to your wingspan.

4.    Practice fundamental precautions like washing your hands and coughing etiquette.

5.    Employees of medical facilities have to face an increased risk of infection while working hard to protect the lives of the citizens of Kitakyushu. To prevent infection of employees of medical facilities, and to protect the medical system from being overwhelmed, do not go outside if you feel bad, and if your symptoms continue, take appropriate measures, such as only being seen after calling a Returnee/Close Contact Center or medical facility in advance. We, as a city, need to support the employees of medical facilities and their families as best we can.

6.    As there is plenty of supply of food and daily necessities like toilet paper, a shortage of these items will not occur. Do not believe rumors and unconfirmed information, and respond to this crisis level-headedly by only buying what you actually need. 

I plan to work with Fukuoka Prefecture, and with all the citizens and businesspeople of Kitakyushu, in order to stop the further spread of novel coronavirus, with the hope that we can strive together as one to get through these hard times, ending this crisis at the earliest possible date and returning to our normal lives.


Mayor, City of Kitakyushu


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