☆ Vaccination available for foreigners that have no registered residence in Japan ☆

September 2, 2021 Posted in Information

Foreigners that have entered Japan with a “Temporary Visitor” permit can* be vaccinated against COVID-19 (Novel Coronavirus) if they so desire.

*Their remaining valid period of stay in Japan however should be able to accommodate both doses of the vaccine, and they must be residing within Kitakyushu City.

Application Process

① Call the “Corona Vaccine Center”.
     TEL: 0120-489-199  (9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.)
     Japanese / English / Chinese / Korean


② The City Hall will call you at a later date.
     Prepare the documents listed below.

■Copy of your Passport
(1) The page with your photo, with your NAME and DATE OF BIRTH fully visible.

(2) Copy of the affixed seal (sticker etc.) in your passport when the
   Immigration Services Agency of Japan permits the renewal of your
   PERIOD OF STAY (Duration).
   ・Those with a PERIOD OF STAY of 3 months → 1 copy
   ・Those with a “Temporary Visitor” permit of 90 days → 2 copies
* If you have someone applying on your behalf, that person’s Identification Document will be required(Residence Card, Passport, Driver’s License etc.).

③ Please mail (1) and (2) to the department in charge at City Hall.
     Mailing address: COVID-19 Vaccination Operations Center
                                Shinkokura Bldg. 4F, 2-2-1 Komemachi, 
                                Kokurakita-ku, Kitakyushu City, Japan 801-0033
                                FAX: 093-383-0790
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